Anger, Rage and Relationship



Sue Parker Hall
Publication date: 29 September 2008
Publisher: Routledge

Pages: 232

Anger, Rage and Relationship presents a radically new way to understand and work with anger and rage issues. Taking a relational approach to anger and rage, the book presents a positive view of human nature, supported by recent research findings and illustrated with case studies, with individuals trusted to be essentially pro-social. Rather than promoting strategies and techniques for eradicating anger, Sue Parker Hall, puts forward an approach which seeks to not only work with, but to differentiate between, anger and rage.

Anger and rage are constructed as entirely different phenomena, originating at different developmental stages, having different functions and relational needs and requiring different aspects of relationship in the therapeutic process.

Further areas of discussion include: the positive aspects of anger, practitioner protection, and the therapeutic implications of working with both anger and rage. This book will provide invaluable reading for practitioners dealing with anger and rage in the therapeutic setting, as well as counsellors and therapists in the related field.