Becoming One: A Story of Triumph Over Dissociative Identity Disorder



Sarah E. Olson
Publication date: 27 February 2015
Publisher: Swan Pond Press

Pages: 298

Two little girls, the author and her sister, were routinely terrorized and assaulted over a period of years by a family friend. One grew up closed and withdrawn, the other angry, self-destructive, and dissociated. Most painful of all, their common suffering resulted in estrangement from each other. Becoming Onebegan as Sarah Olson’s attempt to provide a written account of her memories for her sister as a means of reconciliation and healing.

Becoming One documents Sarah’s four-year process of discovery and recovery from Dissociative Identity Disorder. Utilizing letters she wrote to her therapist, Howard Asher, Psy.D, and transcripts from key audiotaped therapy sessions, Sarah created a book which offers a model of healing and hope to survivors of childhood sexual abuse, whether or not they personally experience dissociation.

The author’s courage and generosity in candidly sharing her remarkable experiences provides important insights into the world of dissociation. This book is a highly personal look into an individual life, the dynamics of a troubled family, and the healing power of the therapeutic process.