Dissociation in Traumatised Children and Adolescents



Edited by Sandra Wieland
Publication date: 2 April 2015
Publisher: Routledge

Pages: 376

Dissociation in Traumatised Children and Adolescents presents a series of unique and compelling case studies written by some of the foremost international experts in the study of dissociation in young people. In the edition, chapters have been updated to include discussion of the most recent findings in trauma and neuroscience as well as Joyanna Silberg’s popular affectavoidance model. In addition, Sandra Wieland’s incisive commentaries on each case study have been updated.

Each chapter presents a detailed narrative of a therapist’s work with a child or adolescent interspersed with the therapist’s own thought process, and every therapist explains the theory and research behind her clinical decisions. The case studies present many aspects of working with traumatised children―attachment work, trauma processing, work with the family, interactions with the community, psychoeducation related to dissociation, and encouragement of communication between the dissociated parts―and provide a frank analysis of the difficulties clinicians encounter in various therapeutic situations.