Feeling Unreal



Daphne Simeon
Publication date: 7 November 2008
Publisher: Oxford University Press

Pages: 256

Feeling Unreal is the first book to reveal what depersonalisation disorder is all about. This important volume explores not only depersonalisation, but the philosophical and literary implications of selflessness as well, while providing the latest research, possible treatments, and strategies for living and thriving when life seems ‘unreal.’ For those who still believe that such experiences are still a part of something else, that depersonalisation is just a symptom and not a disorder in its own right, Feeling Unreal presents compelling evidence to the contrary.

This book provides long-awaited answers for people suffering from depersonalisation disorder and their loved ones, for mental health professionals, and for all students of the condition, while serving as a wakeup call to the medical community at large.