Mantra cards

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This set of 24 images on 12 double-sided cards, in their own handy case, are designed to help trauma survivors ground themselves before, during or after a flashback or being triggered. They can also be used during psychotherapy or counselling sessions.

Examples include:

  • I’ve been triggered, but I’m safe. I’ve been reminded, but I’m safe. I’m on alert, but I’m safe.
  • It’s not happening now. It feels like it is in my brain, but that’s just my smoke detector having a false alarm.
  • That was then, this is now. I was hurt then, but I’m not going to be hurt now.
  • Everything feels hopeless now. Everything feels dark. But it will pass. I’ve felt hopeless and dark before, yet I survived. I’ll survive this time too.

Each card is credit card sized and is printed in full colour on both sides.