Today I’m Alice


Alice Jamieson
Publication date: 28 July 2014
Publisher: Thistle Publishing

Pages: 278

When Alice was a teenager, strange things started happening to her. Hours of her life simply disappeared. She’d hear voices shouting at her, telling her she was useless. In her nightmares, scenes of abuse that had haunted her since early childhood became more detailed… more real. Staring at herself in the mirror she’d catch her face changing, as if someone else was looking out through her eyes.

In Today I’m Alice, she describes her extraordinary journey from a teenage girl battling anorexia and OCD, drowning the voices with alcohol, to a young woman losing control to ‘the children’ who had started to appear, growing from voices in her head to full-blown personalities. She slipped further and further into mental illness until she was finally diagnosed with multiple personality disorder. When her ‘alters’ were revealed in therapy she discovered how each one had their own memories of abuse and a full picture of her childhood finally emerged. Moving and ultimately inspiring, this is a gripping account of a rare condition, and the remarkable story of a courageous woman’s battle for sanity.