Trauma, Dissociation and Multiplicity


Valerie Sinason
Publication date: 1 March 2013
Publisher: Routledge

Pages: 221

Trauma, Dissociation and Multiplicity provides psychoanalytic insights into dissociation, in particular Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), and offers a variety of responses to the questions of self, identity and dissociation.

With contributions from a range of clinicians from both America and Europe, areas of discussion include:

  • The concept of dissociation and the current lack of understanding on this topic
  • The verbal language of trauma and dissociation
  • The meaning of children’s art
  • The dissociative defence from the average to the extreme
  • Pioneering new theoretical concepts on multiple bodies.

This book brings together latest findings from research and neuroscience as well as examples from clinical practice and includes work from survivor-writers. As such, this book will be of interest to specialists in the field of dissociation as well as psychoanalysts, both experienced and in training.